Understanding Risks in Hotel Technology & Security

Read this report to learn about how to protect and improve your technology stack, your business, and your guest experience. 

Main findings from the report include

  • The ability to increase profitability and..
  • Hoteliers want to find a technology balance. ….
  • Replacing commonly touched items is a…dfa

One-third of respondents to the survey said that most of their tech would be cloud-based, while almost one-third said that their tech would be entirely cloud-based. 

When asked, “Where do you see your organization’s IT environment two years from now?”

Understanding Risks in Hotel Technology & Security

As Shiji recently got accepted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Travel Competency program, we were tapped to create a report looking at how hotels can approach the question of changing their technology stack. The result is this report, “Understanding Risks in Hotel Technology & Security.”

It looks at the pros and cons of maintaining a hotel tech stack or invest in new solutions and analyzes the financial and security risks related to modern hospitality technology, specifically PMSs.

This Report Covers

The hospitality industry’s tech vulnerabilities

Our industry has one of the higher rates of security breaches, and, as a result, most countries have introduced stricter privacy regulations.

Tech providers and their role in security

Legacy solutions are at higher risk of data breach. In a cloud environment, however, data is not physically stored at the hotel but controlled in data centers.

The risks of investing in new technology

Implementing housekeeping apps or modules can reduce labor costs and increase productivity up to 20% yet most PMSs do not offer the module, nor integrate with third parties that do.

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