Rapport spécial Shiji et AWS 

Le guide de l’hôtelier pour
la transformation numérique
dans l’hôtellerie restauration

Disponible également en Español, Deutsch, English.

Êtes-vous prêt pour la transformation numérique
dans le secteur F&B de l’hôtellerie ? 

Découvrez comment les systèmes basés sur le cloud et les données donnent aux leaders actuels
de l’hospitalité F&B les bonnes ressources pour mettre leurs établissements sur la voie du succès.

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Disponible en espagnol, allemand et anglais.

Your Digital Transformation

Say Goodbye to Legacy Systems

The Role of Technology Across All Segments of Hotel F&B

What to Consider When Upgrading Your Systems


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Also available in Spanish, German

Main findings from the report include

  • The ability to increase profitability and..
  • Hoteliers want to find a technology balance. ….
  • Replacing commonly touched items is a…dfa

A Special Report By Shiji Group u0026amp; AWSu003cbru003e

Your Guide to Digital Transformation in Hospitality F&B

Cloud technologies delivered on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models enable hospitality businesses to accelerate speed-to-market and pave the way for innovation. Moving to the cloud allows businesses to quickly adjust course to capitalize on industry shifts and emerging technologies.

Yet, the hotel industry lags behind most other consumer-facing industries in cloud adoption. Challenges and hurdles created decades ago still exist today (installation fees, long sales cycles, integration costs, long wait times for upgrades). This has left many hotel companies with clunky, expensive software that doesn’t always address guests’ needs. 

This Special Report outlines the opportunities created by shifting your F&B data and technology infrastructure to the cloud and your operating systems into a SaaS model. It also details the options available for hoteliers facing imminent change, and provides key resources and insights to help hoteliers make the right decisions that will prepare their businesses for future success.

The Hotelier’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Hospitality F&B

Also available in Spanish, German and French.