The Current State of Technology in Hotels and The Way Forward

Learn about major hotel tech trends, the perception that hoteliers have toward technology today, and their plans for tech post-pandemic.

Main findings from the report include

  • The ability to increase profitability and..
  • Hoteliers want to find a technology balance. ….
  • Replacing commonly touched items is a…dfa

One-third of respondents to the survey said that most of their tech would be cloud-based, while almost one-third said that their tech would be entirely cloud-based. 

When asked, “Where do you see your organization’s IT environment two years from now?”

Key Findings from the Report

Technology is mainly perceived as a means to improve guest experience

The need to create a frictionless, guest-first approach is more important than the practicality of tech adoption.

Technology isn’t here to replace employees

63% say technology allows employees to focus on other, more important tasks.

Migration to the cloud will continue 

44% of hoteliers currently use a mix of cloud and on-premise solutions.

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