The Shiji Group Product Portfolio

This Professional Review explores the details of selected Shiji Group products for the benefit of hoteliers and consultancies considering one or more of these products for their technology infrastructure.

Main findings from the report include

  • The ability to increase profitability and..
  • Hoteliers want to find a technology balance. ….
  • Replacing commonly touched items is a…dfa

One-third of respondents to the survey said that most of their tech would be cloud-based, while almost one-third said that their tech would be entirely cloud-based. 

When asked, “Where do you see your organization’s IT environment two years from now?”

Key Findings from the Report

Shiji Group Experience Map

The Shiji product portfolio covers most of the traveler’s journey.

Shiji Group Solution Map

If you are familiar with Capsolve’s solution maps, you will quickly see that this coverage is vast compared to most solution providers across the industry.

The Shiji Group Portfolio of Products 

This review presentS market sector comparisons for each Shiji product in the form of bar graphs.