PMS Selection Guide | 2023

7 Key Qualities to Look For in the Perfect Enterprise PMS Partner

Also available in Español, Deutsch and Français.

Looking to Switch Your PMS Platform? 

Switching to a new property management system (PMS) can be a daunting task, especially given its critical role in any hotel technology.
This guide provides a strategic and holistic approach to finding the ideal PMS partner for your hotel group. 

Importance of a Modern

As your hotel’s portfolio evolves, it’s crucial to ensure your PMS meets tomorrow’s needs.

Key qualities of an Enterprise
PMS Partner

In order to find the perfect PMS partner, strategize your full technology stack.

Benefits of An
 Innovative PMS Platform

A suitable PMS must help future-proof your hotel’s operations and provide better guest experiences.

Brand Results with the Right Tech Partner 

Maximize Your Enterprise PMS Potential

Brand Results with the Right Tech Partner

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Main findings from the report include

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A Special Report By Shiji Group u0026amp; AWSu003cbru003e

Your Guide to Digital Transformation in Hospitality F&B

Cloud technologies delivered on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models enable hospitality businesses to accelerate speed-to-market and pave the way for innovation. Moving to the cloud allows businesses to quickly adjust course to capitalize on industry shifts and emerging technologies.

Yet, the hotel industry lags behind most other consumer-facing industries in cloud adoption. Challenges and hurdles created decades ago still exist today (installation fees, long sales cycles, integration costs, long wait times for upgrades). This has left many hotel companies with clunky, expensive software that doesn’t always address guests’ needs. 

This Special Report outlines the opportunities created by shifting your F&B data and technology infrastructure to the cloud and your operating systems into a SaaS model. It also details the options available for hoteliers facing imminent change, and provides key resources and insights to help hoteliers make the right decisions that will prepare their businesses for future success.

The Hotelier’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Hospitality F&B

Also available in Spanish, German and French.


As a luxury hotel brand, it is critical for us to provide a high level of personalization for our customers, while keeping their data secure. Shiji’s Enterprise Platform is providing that for us, and we are looking forward to deploying it into our hotels to offer an elevated guest experience for our guests. “
Shane Izaks
Group Director, IT, HSH

We free our staff from repetitive tasks through automation, enabling them to focus on our guests and their emotional needs. Meanwhile, by providing simple, intuitive flows and automating administrative tasks and service requests, we don’t distract our guests from their Ruby experience.

— Lucas Höfer​
Group Director, Systems & Innovation Management, Ruby Hotels

I’ve seen the wrong technology providers can actually slow down innovation. We wanted to find partners that would work with us to build the dream we had of balancing human touch and technology. This required cultural fit as much as product fit.

Kush Kapoor, CEO, Roseate Hotels & Resorts